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GoodYear Presents A 4x4 Tire That Can Be Used For Any Season In Different Climates

In recent years, the 4x4 market has evolved from traditional SUVs to more road-friendly cars. These changes reflect a general trend in which most SUVs have almost never been used off-road. About 95% of drivers claim that they "never" or "very rarely" use the car on the roads. Car manufacturers, offering more and more luxurious and comfortable four-wheel drive vehicles, have supported this trend. Such cars do not need tires for serious off-road driving. They are more designed for open highways and driving in the city and suburbs. Their owners want additional features that all-wheel drive gives, but not at the expense of a rough, hard and noisy ride. They need a car, which can withstand different conditions of use on various roads. Therefore, the tires of such vehicles must meet these requirements and working conditions.

Comprehensive marketing research of consumer needs and needs

Goodyear’s market research results for SUV drivers have shown the expectations of people who buy these cars. When asked what characteristics a tire should have in order to meet their requirements, the most important answers were:

  • 75%: Good wet handling
  • 78%: Wear resistance
  • 81%: High quality
  • 83%: Damage Resistance
  • The most popular answer was the following:
  • 89%: Suitable for all-weather conditions

The survey results clearly show that this consumer group considers the possibility of year-round use of tires to be a top priority.

Why is it so important to choose the right tires for 4x4 cars

According to one of the myths about 4x4 cars, they guarantee handling and traction regardless of the situation. However, even in a good SUV, you must control the stop, steering and braking yourself, as well as stable behavior on wet roads, dirt and snow. Thus, high-quality tires improve the picture - they significantly increase traction, handling, road stability and braking. goodyear wrangler sr-a review describes the tire’s ability to adapt to various road surfaces and weather conditions as “Weather Response Technology”, which is what it applies to the SmartTRED concept.

The sensitive center rib is responsible for precise steering. Deep and wide grooves help push water out of the way and prevent aquaplaning. The mixture in the tread composition reacts to various changes in ambient temperature, adapting to all types of weather conditions.

Comfort without compromise

The tire noise level is an important parameter that affects driving comfort. The Wrangler HP All Weather is 10% quieter than its predecessor. The main role in reducing the noise level is played by the tread pattern equipped with sequentially located silent blocks. This tread design not only optimizes the arrangement of blocks to reduce noise, but also ensures uniform tread wear.

Caring for the beauty of the wheels - protective flange

A feature of the Wrangler HP tire is the presence of a protective flange on all available tire sizes. This is a rubber lip protruding along the rim of the rim, thus helping to reduce the risk of damage to the rim.

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